When I started on my own personal journey, I went through many phases of training. The first of which – and I’m sure it’s the first step everyone takes – was cardio training and very basic pin-loaded weight machines. Just like all of us, I was intimidated by the ‘big boys’ in the free weights area.


Looking back, there was a multitude of events, comments and feelings that led to me where I am today. To a career dedicated to the health and fitness of women. But, I can still remember the moment - the life-changing moment  - where I thought: “I’ve had enough of this”


I’ve had enough of feeling hopeless, enough of feeling embarrassed by my body, enough of allowing my insecurities to make my choices for me. I’d had enough of comparing my current body, to the active one I’d had in my teens. I’d had enough of my lifestyle impacting my hormones. I’d had enough of shaming myself.


So, I decided to change. It didn’t take months of planning or consideration. It all happened in a moment – a moment that became my biggest promise of commitment and motivation.


Yes, my journey twisted and turned from there – and I fell into a whole different world of unhealthy habits. But, I went through all of this, every decision, every lesson and every trial so you don’t have to. Everything I experienced enabled me to grow into the person I am today.


When I first started weight training, I was incredibly unhealthy. I was NOT consuming foods to honour my body, I wasn’t moving daily and I had no self-worth. I didn’t understand how all my lifestyle habits were impacting my body, my mind and my period. So, it’s no surprise that I felt incredibly insecure in the gym. I remember feeling like everyone in the gym knew that I had only just started on my journey, and I was convinced that they were all judging my body, the exercises I was doing and the way that sweat would easily fall from my body within 10 minutes of exercising!


Do you think anyone cared? Nope. Nobody was interested in what I was doing. Not even a little bit. I may have been recognized as a new face – but no one cared. They were all there to work on themselves, destress or just have fun!

I stuck to the basics when I began, treadmill, bikes and the pin loaded machines. The stepper made me nervous and I was way too afraid of the free weights area with the ‘big boys’. So, I avoided it like the plague, but hey - my simple routine paid off – I started losing weight and began to feel better.


I soon turned my focus towards my nutrition, really analyzing everything I chose to eat.


And, I’ll be honest with you. I tried all the fad diets: the weight-loss protein shakes, the meal replacement shakes, fat burners and the weight-loss pills you see advertised on social media.


But, like you, I didn’t know any better – I was just doing what the articles said, using the products that social media influencers swore by.


This magnifying glass view of food is a scary place to be – and I fell into the trap I hadn’t even realized I’d planted for myself.


I was obsessed with the scale continuing to fall, of my clothes feeling looser. I became wary of everything I ate, and the amount I ate gradually became less, and less. I was aware of how many ribs you could see, whether I could see my sternum, how many vertebrae I could count.


This isn’t something I’m proud of doing, but it’s a part of my story, and as such it needs to be shared. It’s very easy to fall into traps when all your eyes want to see is a lower number on a scale.


I hadn’t followed any nutritional advice up at this point, all I ‘knew’ was that if you eat less, you lose weight – yeah?

I really had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t understand macros, I barely grasped the concept of carbs, fats and proteins – all I was doing was choosing to avoid gluten and dairy, not have sugar, choose the lowest calorie options, and shrink my meal sizes by half. And if I thought I ate too much, eat less the next few days and make sure I did some cardio.


At this point in my life, I hadn’t had my period for close to 3 years, I was tired, I was ‘skinny-fat’, I didn’t sleep well, my gut health was terrible, I was at the end of a toxic relationship and I was binge drinking alcohol on the weekends.


I was not ‘healthy’.


A part of me knew I was not managing my nutrition with care, and up until this point I hadn’t sought out professional coaching for my training or nutrition. But, I knew something had to give.


So, I swallowed my ego and sought out coaching.


And, that’s when I found Thomas – who has remained in my life since, and helps me be the best version of me every day. He gave me the tools to help walk away from my self-inflicted pressure of being ‘skinny’.


He took me into the free weights section of the gym. And you know what? The boys weren’t that big and the big dumbbells weren’t that scary! From the day Thomas started coaching me in my training and nutrition, I haven’t regretted seeking out help.


Seeking out coaching was the single best thing I ever did – and I know that if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


And the rest, they say, is history.


I’m the person I show the world – I’m fit, I’m strong and I’m healthy. But above all, I’m happy. My body is free of my own shame. Does this mean I don’t have my moments where I ‘wish” I was leaner, weighed a little less, was a little stronger? No – I’d be lying.


I’m human.


Like you.


And, I’ve been through a journey.


I’ve spent years studying women’s health: attending seminars and workshops, completing courses, continuously being mentored by the best health coaches in the industry, working closely with allied health care professionals and reading countless of articles and books on the subject.


My decision to change progressed from a lifestyle, to a career. And it has been a blessing to have been able to help women pursue their health and fitness dreams.


My continued education and growth has only shown me how amazing the female body truly is, and I will continue to learn, educate and empower all women who choose to be a part of my community.


Everything I have done, was for you.


Every mistake I made, is so you don’t have too.


Everything I have learnt, is an opportunity for me to coach you on your path.


Every woman is a Lioness. Fierce, strong and able.


I believe in you.


I can’t wait for your journey to begin.


Hollie xx


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