February 7, 2018

Choose joy

I wish I had the ability to write something that will make you all love the wonderful, little, bundles of individuality that you are.

But that just isn’t possible. The reality is, you can read all the motivational, self love blogs, quotes and books you want.. the only thing that can let you, love you, is you.

So today, all of you reading this, I want you to tell yourself that you’re proud of who you are.

For all that you are, all that you’ve done and all that you’re working towards.

Truth be told you should be proud of all of your accomplishments. Big and small. Don’t diminish them because you don’t believe they’re worthy of praise, that is just a simpler mindset to adapt.

So, accept your flaws, recognise your weaknesses and admire your strengths. You need to accept who you are before even attempting to promote self love.

The world doesn’t make it easy, self love is shown in both positive and negative ways. Never a happy medium. How can anyone justify rude and inappropriate comments in regards to someone else’s pride? We can’t know what they’ve been through, what things they have achieved. Who are we to judge?

Unfortunately, this is the reality of the world. We are always going to be criticised by someone. Judged for some aspect of our character. Someone will always try and input their unsolicited opinion of you into your life. Don’t let them sabotage you.

But please, remember that it is your choice, and your choice alone about how you treat, nourish, care for and admire your body.

Do what sets YOUR soul on fire. Do you makes YOU shine.

(Just a glimpse at a moment in time where this gal and were feeling nothing but joy)

If all else fails, and this blog is utterly pointless to you, at least keep this in mind.

Choose joy. Choose it over, and over, and over again. Choose it until joy is all you know.



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