My online training clients receive personalised training plans, cardio protocols, nutrition and access to my Lioness Forum!


Online Training

Lioness Fit’s Online Training Platform is set up via True Coach, an incredible online training software that allows your coach to see your adherence, progressive overload, any comments or questions you have and review your uploaded exercise videos for assessment. The ability for your coach to review your movement, intensity and technique is integral to how we progress and change your training program.

Online training is 100% individualized to your goals, abilities, strengths, weaknesses/injuries and menstrual cycle. As an online client with Lioness Fit, you can access to a Facebook forum where you can communicate readily with your coaches and other online clients.

The training programs run for 4 weeks, with one week being dedicated to mobility, recovery, your menstrual cycle and a personalized ‘prehab’ exercise routine. Your ‘prehab’ routine will be focused on strengthening specific areas of weakness and working on technique.

Online Training Plans are available for 12 or 24 week commitments. To enquire about Online Coaching, please fill out the enquiry form here.


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