The hardest part about committing to yourself, is having to show up – and I completely understand that. Squad allows you the flexibility of up to 4 sessions per week, in a small group setting.



If you’ve been looking for something new, and exciting – then look no further!

Squad Training merges all the best features of Group Training, Bootcamp and Strength & Conditioning to bring you the ultimate package for strength, fitness, health and mobility.

The strength and conditioning style training of Squad is unique – it allows you to push yourself as an individual, whilst still drawing on the community spirit and still provides flexibility to change workouts to suit your skills, experience or any injuries you have come to us with.

Squad Programs run for 4 weeks, with one of these weeks being entirely dedicated to your mobility, recovery, menstrual cycle and personalized ‘prehab’ program. We are big on technique and movement – while we coach our Squad girls, we continually asses how they are moving, where form is breaking down, what they need to strengthen and what areas of weakness we need to spend more time working on. These prehab programs are designed specifically for the individual.

You have access to 4 structured training sessions every week that run for 45 minutes.

Every month, Squad has an empowerment session where we go over practical training elements (i.e barbell techniques, bracing techniques, mobility) or educational areas that will benefit your journey (i.e menstrual cycle, nutrition, stress).

To enquire about Squad Training, please fill out the enquiry form here!


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