When I started on my own personal journey, I went through many phases of training. The first of which – and I’m sure it’s the first step everyone takes – was cardio training and very basic pin-loaded weight machines. Just like all of us, I was intimidated by the ‘big boys’ in the free weights area.


Tyler Wilson – 19 years old

1-on-1 Training – 12 weeks

My training prior to working with hollie was pretty substandard with inconsistency in going to the gym as well as little to no nutritional structure.

I was fairly unhappy with myself mentally and physically and was seeing very little progress in gaining strength as well as fat loss. At the end of our 12 week block I felt so much more confident in not only my appearance but also what I had achieved in the gym strength wise.

I really enjoyed having guidance with each of my training sessions and having someone to push me to go that extra kilo or an extra rep as I had always been quite nervous in the gym especially with free weights and scary powerlifting moves.

Hollie taught me so much about the value of nutrition in my training and was able to provide me with a completely personalised program which was adapted over the block to suit me as necessary. Throughout the training block we worked to improve several aspects of my health and nutrition that would benefit my training including reducing stress, curbing the need to excessively snack my brains out and improving my overall quality of sleep.

By the end of the 12 weeks I had seen considerable fat loss as well as significant muscle development in my quads and upper body, something I am so overwhelmed to have achieved. I went from almost no strength in my arms and back to being able to bench press double what I started doing. I got so much further in 12 weeks with hollie than I have on my own in 2 years and I would 100% do it again.

I picked Hollie because having trained in the gym with her prior to our training block I knew I was going to be taken care of and that I’d have the exact support and knowledge behind me to help me achieve my goals. She made every training session fun and unique and was always straightforward and open with how my training program would go. I couldn’t possibly find a better coach than Hollie, someone who has so much passion for what she does and I think that’s so important when placing your trust and health in someone else’s hands

Rose Archer-Fisk – 20 years old

1-on-1 Training – 12 Weeks

I found Hollie when I was on instagram and had seen her posts about empowering women through taking control of their own health, fitness and wellbeing.

I was very unhappy in who I was as a person and hated the way I looked when I would look in the mirror every day. My energy was low and my sleep had also been affected.

From the very beginning when I met Hollie she had such an amazing energy about her and such a genuine interest in helping me to improve myself. She understood what I was saying and knew just how to help.

During my 12 weeks I learnt about food and nutrition and the impact it can have on your body and overall wellbeing. I learnt what my body can do and how strong and powerful it is with the right program and support. Beginning most of my days coming into the gym and having Hollie challenge me with a new program and being able to conquer it and have that accomplishment is the best feeling. Over the 12 weeks we had little wins one in particular was stopping my snacking especially snacking on sweet foods.

By the end of my 12 weeks not only had my body changed but so had my mentality and view of myself. I chose Hollie for what she stands for and how incredible she is not only as a trainer but as a person as well. She truly does care and invest herself in your over all self improvement and development. All I can say is that Hollie is an excellent trainer in every sense of the word and if you are willing to take that next step and commit to yourself so will she.

Emma Marlow – 20 years old

1-on-1 Training – 12 weeks

When I first started the transformation, I was unhappy with myself, mentally and physically, and was self-conscious on how in my clothes. Now, I feel fit. I feel my fitness has improved and I fit into one of my new dresses. I look fabulous!

I’ve learned that there are more types of training and exercises that I would’ve have thought of before. I’ve enjoyed my time being trained by Hollie. She can put me in my place to make me a better person. I’ve being able to control my snacking during the day and stick to my meal plans!

In the last 12 weeks I have lost over 7kg’s, increased my fitness and toned up my body. I choose Hollie because I believed she could help me stick to set meals and my training, motivate me in the sessions to the point that I know I can do more, she pushed me during the sessions and was firm on me to stay in line of the task that I’m going to accomplish.

Amelia Murphy – 23 years Old

Online Training – 12 Weeks

I struggled a lot with my weight and my self image, I never truly understood the importance of nutrition in align with exercise, i’d overeat, undereat and work out way too much. I never treated myself right and I was never truly satisfied with myself and results. After the 12 weeks with Hollie, and now entering my second phase, I feel like my whole view on myself, nutrition and lifestyle has changed. I don’t starve myself, have little energy and over train.

I eat right, I train 4 days a week and I have energy to sustain a full time, managerial retail position all thanks to Hollie. She has changed me for the better and I can’t thank her enough.

Over my first 12 weeks I really enjoy the food and the workout plans. Hollie will alter my programs based on my capabilities and time management, which is fantastic, it makes it easy for me to work around my busy, and long work schedule. The nutrition has definitely been the changing factor, I was always scared of eating high calories and always avoided so many foods based on the fear I’d gain weight. Hollie’s nutrition plans are amazing, she incorporates foods that you love, she is budget and time conscious and most of all creates some amazing, flavour-some meals. She also helped me pinpoint foods that cause my stomach irritations, and was always conscious of this when creating my food plans. She goes above and beyond and made me realise more of the right food will help me achieve my goals, not less.

Over the 12 weeks I had many little wins. Hollie helped me create a consistent routine especially around food, something I struggled with, as I often under ate and then would treat myself with massive, fatty meals. I had a very poor relationship with food before starting with Hollie – she helped me develop an understanding towards nutrition, I know don’t snack (low carb bars were my weakness) and I listen to my body. Before I started the second phase with her I went out for dessert my girlfriend, and for once listened to my body – instead of forcing the food down my throat and suffering from extreme bloating and irritation like the past, I actually decided this time I won’t eat it, that my body has had enough and I feel like that was a major turning point for me

Over the last 12 weeks I’ve lost around 5kgs and gained so much strength, and muscle. I’m in the best physical condition I have ever been and most of all I have a healthy relationship with myself and a consistent, balanced lifestyle.

I knew Hollie would help me achieve my goals the right way as I knew her prior to my move to the city, and that she would go above and beyond because she is that type of trainer.


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